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Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose surgery, is performed to make changes to the nose for either cosmetic reasons to improve the appearance of the nose or for functional reasons to improve the ability to breathe through the nose.

Who can benefit?

There are many reasons patients seek to enhance the appearance of the nose by having rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles CA. Many patients seeking rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons seek to change the size of the nose, refine the bulbous nasal tip, smoother a hump, narrow the nostril width, how far it projects forward, or the angle between the tip and the upper lip.  Others want to fix drooping of the tip that can sometimes occur with talking.  Regardless of what changes you seek to enhance your nasal appearance, the goal is to maintain a result that is natural appearance and balanced with the rest of the features of your face. You want to still look like yourself but with a nose that fits your face, so that when people look at you, they focus on your prettiest features, like your eyes, instead of any outstanding features of your nose.

photo of rhinoplasty patient front view

What can I expect during my rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Lee?

Dr. Lee understands that each patient is different.  Our office in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles CA strives to provide a relaxed and inviting atmosphere so that we can understand your personal goals for your nasal surgery.  During your personalized consultation and evaluation, Dr. Lee will examine the inside and outside of your nose to assess the underlying anatomy of your nose and how it affects the external appearance of the nose.  Following this, our computer imaging system provides a unique experience where patients can visually get an idea of what he/she will look like following rhinoplasty surgery.  If you choose to proceed with nasal reshaping surgery with Dr. Lee, a second appointment will be made a couple of weeks before surgery to review the changes discussed at the initial consultation.  At any time during the process, we welcome any questions or concerns you may have for the  process or in the recovery time so that you feel comfortable.

A rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Ca can also be performed in conjunction with a septoplasty or address large turbinates to improve nasal airway and breathing and correct or improve any anatomical issues that can affect breathing through your nose.

What makes Dr. Lee’s approach different from other plastic surgeons?

Dr. Lee has spent her entire training focused on the anatomy of the head and neck followed by subspecialty training in facial plastic surgery. She will make sure that your nose not only look great on the outside but is also functional on the inside to make sure your nose breathes as great as it looks.

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles CA facial plastic surgeon Dr. Lee is presently one of only a very few facial plastic surgeons who uses a new device which will revolutionize how patients recover from  surgery without having nasal packing which prevents nasal breathing after surgery, if needed. As a co-author of a new device that eliminates complete blockage of the nose following the procedure, patients can breathe easy knowing they will be able to take breaths through their newly shaped nose immediately following the procedure. Having spent additional training in rhinoplasty, Dr. Lee’s knowledge is up-to-date with the most advanced techniques, many years ahead of those who have not had specialized training. You can be confident that your result will be sculpted and refined, balanced and proportioned with the rest of your face.

What should I expect during my recovery from rhinoplasty?

Depending on the goals of your procedure and the techniques that are needed to achieve those goals, swelling of the nose is expected following surgery.  If the upper part is narrowed, mild bruising beneath the eyes can also be expected, which usually resolves after seven to ten days.  We recommend taking surgical strength Arnika and Bromelain after surgery to facilitate and speed up the healing process.  While the majority of swelling following the procedure settles within the first couple of weeks, most patients are presentable at that point.  Swelling from surgery will continue to subside up to a year  and the nose will continue to minimally decrease in size during this time period.   Any sutures placed inside will be dissolvable, and any nasal cast or external sutures that might be used will be removed approximately one week following nasal surgery.  Our out of town patients can generally return home following the removal of sutures and cast.  However, follow-up does not end here and we will continue to see you as you heal.

Feel confident that Dr. Lee and her staff will assist you during your rhinoplasty surgery in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles CA and recovery process.

Call 310-882-5656 and learn how Beverly Hills, Los Angeles CA rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Lee can create the nose you have always wanted to see when you see your face in the mirror.

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