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Torn Earlobe Repairtorn earlobe repair

A common ear problem is a stretched or completely torn earring hole or a torn earlobe. This can occur as a result of long-term use of heavy earrings, or from a traumatic tearing by an earring.  Torn earlobe repair can easily be performed with a simple, in-office procedure.

Stretched or Almost Torn Earlobe Repair

Stretched or almost torn earlobes can sometimes be unattractive. Some people choose to intentionally stretch their earlobes through the use of heavy earrings that create large holes in the earlobes; but in others, stretched earlobes result from accidental trauma or from years of wearing heavy earrings.

Stretched earlobes can significantly detract attention away from the attractive features of your face. Stretched or almost torn earlobe repair can be performed with a simple in-office procedure under local anesthesia so that you are awake but comfortable during the repair.  Stretched or almost torn earlobe repair can either preserve or close a part of the original ear piercing. There is essentially no down time after stretched or almost torn earlobe repair.  Patients are frequently amazed at how much a torn earlobe repair can improve the youthful appearance of their faces and restore attention to their attractive features.

Removing Earlobe Piercings

If you pierced your ears in the past but now need a more professional look, earlobe piercings can be closed through an earlobe repair procedure in the office.  Performed under local anesthesia, so that you are awake but comfortable, Dr. Lee will use a local anesthetic to numb your earlobes before repairing the ear piercing by removing the scarred portions of the ear piercing and then closing the area with small, precisely placed, delicate sutures to minimize any scarring.  An advanced scar management cream is recommended to help minimize any potentially visible scarring.  If you later decide to have the ears pierced again, you may do so following after complete healing.

Ear Keloids

Keloids on the ears from ear piercings typically present as thickened, discolored, itchy, and abnormal scars that are raised. While keloids can be treated with steroid injections, persistent ear keloid scars can also be removed to help reduce the unsightly appearance and restore the appearance of your ears.

For many, the results of torn earlobe repair surgery are dramatic and allow you to wear earrings again.  Contact Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule your customized consultation at 310-882-5656.

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