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They airlifted in a faceless meatlump— and a thousand tiny stitches later, Dr. Lee had not only put me back together, she had put me back together in eminently recognizable form. Now when I tell people that my face was torn off by a bear they predictably do two things:

First, they let out an audible gasp and tell me they don’t believe me. Then, after they see the pictures, they ask me for Dr. Kimberly Lee’s business card. The word “painstaking” doesn’t begin to describe Dr. Lee’s surgical approach. Some might even call it obsessive…I just call it Genius.

Thank You, my Friend, my Hero. Love,


Thank you Dr. Kimberly Lee for doing such a wonderful blepharoplasty on my eyes almost 2 years ago. I look SO much better and the results speak for themselves!


My mama took me to get my ears pierced when I was young. She has since passed away, but it’s one of my fondest memories I have of her. I am a victim of domestic violence and my ex- pulled my earrings, creating a tear in my earlobe. Through the FACE to FACE organization, I thankfully found Dr. Lee who fixed my ear while keeping my ear piercing, allowing me to hold onto the memory of my mama and the original ear piercings I got with her. Thank you Dr. Lee!


Dr. Lee is so great! I had buccal fat removal done yesterday and I can't believe how incredibly easy it was! Firstly, her staff is very friendly and were so great about booking my appointment, explaining parking, payment, etc. Dr. Lee herself is a warm, kind person who makes you feel right at home in her office! During my consult, she explained the entire procedure, and I got to see what I might potentially look like post-surgery using computer software and pictures of myself before/after. I really appreciated how she goes for a more subtle, enhancing look rather than drastic, over-the-top, "she definitely had work done" look. I booked the appointment and the day of the surgery I was incredibly nervous, but she sat with me right before the surgery to answer any last-minute questions. The actual procedure went very well- minimal pain, and I was under local anesthetic. She talked me through the whole thing and even let me have a break half-way. I really can't believe how fast and easy it was. Immediately after she handed me a mirror so I could see and it looked so good! Subtle, but noticeable to me, not hollow or gaunt. She explained that I'll see my full results in about 3 months and I can't wait!! I highly recommend Dr. Lee for any procedure. She's simply the best!!

Six weeks later...

The first few days after surgery I was pretty swollen, but I just told everyone I had my wisdom teeth out, haha! I think the first 2-3 days were probably the worst. I took the prescribed medication and kept my mouth clean and a couple/few weeks later the dissolvable stitches came out on their own. Eating wasn't really a problem- I pretty much ate what I usually do, but was mindful of hard foods.

6 weeks later and I definitely see beautiful results! My lower face isn't as full, and when I turn my face in the mirror I see my cheekbones- woo hoo! But I haven't lost my "youthfulness" and still look young (which I always have).

Dr. Lee is truly an artist!!! I am honestly SO PLEASED with my entire experience with her and her staff! I could not have asked for a better experience or a more supportive team working to help me achieve my aesthetic goals. I trust Dr. Lee completely and am so happy to be her patient!



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