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Skin cancer can be found on any part of the body. It is especially common to find skin cancer in areas that are regularly exposed to sun damage, such as the face, head, and neck. Individuals with fair skin and hair are much more likely to be affected.

The ABCs of Skin Cancer

By having the proper tools, you will be better equipped to correctly point out any skin cancers early on and have them treated accordingly. Dr. Lee’s goal is to perform some of the best skin cancer treatments Beverly Hills has to offer, and an immense part of that is having the familiarity to properly identify possible skin cancer. The ABCs of skin cancer is a mnemonic to help men and women remember the signs of potential skin cancer.

  • A stands for Asymmetry. If you were to draw an imaginary line through the middle of a cancerous mole or skin lesion, the two halves would differ in shape and size.
  • B is for Border. Edges that are uneven, scalloped, irregular, or blurry are something to be watchful of.
  • C is for Color. A normal mole or skin lesion is one color throughout. Whereas a mole or lesion with skin cancer may contain different colors or different shades.
  • D stands for Diameter. Larger lesions tend to be more suspicious for skin cancers.
  • E stands for Evolving. Lesions or moles that grow or change in size, color, or shape are more something to be concerned with and should be promptly evaluated by a trained physician.
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Suspicious Growth

Most lesions or moles that are suspicious of being cancerous are treated with a biopsy or complete removal. The lesion is then sent for pathology analysis for diagnosis. A proper diagnosis will be made to be able to determine the next appropriate treatment. To give the best skin cancer treatment Beverly Hills has available, Dr. Lee will go through the results with you during your follow-up visit, and together you can determine what the next step is.

Potential Skin Cancer

Typically, smaller skin cancers can be removed as an in-office procedure. In cases of larger lesions or lesions in more challenging areas, removal in a standard operating room may be required. Dr. Lee will make a point of discussing the options with you to ensure the best possible outcome for the treatment of the skin cancer, in addition to the cosmetic result.

Reconstruction After Treatment

The different techniques used in treating skin cancers can be life saving, but they may leave a patient with less than pleasing cosmetic or functional results, especially on your face or neck. Depending on the location and severity of the skin cancer, the consequences may range from a small but unsightly scar to large removals that require careful reconstruction. By administering some of the best skin cancer treatments Beverly Hills has available, Dr. Lee approaches this procedure by expertly removing the skin cancers in such a manner that rids the entire cancer while preserving functionality and offering the best possible appearance. Reconstructive techniques, ranging from a simple scar revision to complex transfer of tissue flaps from a separate donor site, can restore most patients to an appealing appearance.


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