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This FDA approved procedure is one of the newest, state-of-the-art technologies, which will revolutionize the aesthetic industry in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. We find that patients today seek minimally invasive alternatives to improve wrinkles and tighten skin while stimulating collagen formation and melting the fat that has minimal downtime and yields rejuvenating results. As Dr. Lee is a member of the clinical advisory committee for ThermiRF, she is your ideal choice for the administration of ThermiRF.

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What is Thermi?

Thermi is a radiofrequency system that has been FDA-approved for general applications regarding soft-tissues and nerves. Thermi is unique in that it has multiple applications including tightening sagging or lax skin and soft tissue, reducing excess fat, as well as relaxing frown lines. Using radiofrequency, Thermi works to tighten skin and melt fat. In an effort to administer some of the best ThermiRF Beverly Hills has to offer, Dr. Lee will discuss your particular aspirations for facial enhancement. From there she will be able to decide on the best possible Thermi treatment plan for your needs.

"I came to Dr. Lee to have a procedure called ThermiLift, that is a non invasive (no scars) skin tightening for the breast, she is the only one in Los Angeles that does it. I had a D cup and lost some weight and got to a C cup and my breast looked really bad in a bikini, even with a D cup. My breasts were loosing elasticity and getting significantly lower so after the weight loss it was worse. The ThermiLift by Dr. Lee really worked and the skin on my breast got much tighter, firm, much higher and I don't have those lines anymore on both sides of my breast."


How Thermi Works

Radiofrequency uses thermal technology to tighten the fibrous septae matrix that is under the skin. It is the fibrous septae matrix that loosens as we age leading to sagging, loose skin, and wrinkles. As we continue to lose collagen as we age, ThermiRF reverses this by stimulating collagen production. Thermi treatments can be a great solution for those looking to rejuvenate their face and neck without the need for surgery, and with little downtime.

Thermi treatments can be used to address such issues as:

  • Reduce a double chin
  • Smooth out irregularities after a liposuction procedure
  • Rejuvenate the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes in a non-invasive manner
  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines on the upper lip
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Is Thermi painful?

Thermi delivers energy underneath the skin, making it essentially painless, unlike treatments that deliver energy through the surface of the skin.

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About the Procedure

Thermi treatments do not call for any incisions or cuts to be made, which means you will not have to concern yourself with the possibility of scarring. A local anesthetic is typically used for this treatment so that you can be comfortable but remain awake and lucid. A small probe is inserted under the skin through the same needle entry point, which emits tiny bursts of radiofrequency energy. Using a thermal camera, Dr. Lee monitors the temperature of your skin. The radiofrequency energy triggers collagen formation, resulting in skin that feels and looks firmer and tighter. To be able to conduct some of the top ThermiRF Beverly Hills has available, Dr. Lee aims for subtle, natural looking results that complement the contours of your face.


ThermiTight delivers controlled thermal energy under the skin, to combat and reverse the signs of aging. ThermiTight is an optimal procedure for those who wish to avoid surgery while gaining noticeable results. ThermiTight can help to improve such areas as the face, neck, tummy, or thighs.


ThermiRase is a micro-invasive procedure that relaxes the nerves that control the muscles responsible for causing the appearance of frown lines on one’s face. This procedure precisely applies radiofrequency energy to targeted nerves. Results of this procedure can last up to a year in some patients.


ThermiSmooth delivers precise heating to the skin’s surface, which promotes the natural production of new collagen. ThermiSmooth is performed by using a uniquely designed device. This specially devised tool is moved lightly across the face in a circular motion. ThermiSmooth treatments are gentle and patients often say it feels like receiving a warm massage.


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