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Perhaps you’ve always wanted dimples to give you a cuter, sweeter look. Or the case may be that, aside from yourself, everybody else in your family has dimples.  Whatever the reason may be, if you find that you’ve always admired cheek or chin dimples and longed for them for yourself, a dimple creation procedure may be the right option for you. A dimple creation procedure can give you dimples that fit right into the contours of your face, and complement your features. Being a specialist in cosmetic procedures of the face and neck, Dr. Lee offers patients some of the best dimple creation surgery Los Angeles & Beverly Hills can provide.

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What is a Dimple?

Perhaps you’re not quite sure what a dimple even is. In short, a dimple is the natural result of a small defect within the muscle. The skin that sits atop this small muscle defect essentially conforms to the underlying tissue, creating the effect of a dimple in the cheek (or chin sometimes) when you smile. Dr. Lee, a leading Los Angeles dimple surgery provider uses a special technique to actually create these aesthetic notches on the face.

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About the Procedure

A dimple creation procedure is relatively simple and is typically performed in the office, with the patient under local anesthesia, so that they may remain awake, but comfortable. Creating a dimple involves recreating this naturally occurring manifestation of the muscle.

For cheek dimples, Dr. Lee makes a strategically small incision along the inside of your cheek. By using this method, there is no visible scarring left. A stitch is then precisely placed through the inside of the cheek beneath the surface of the skin in the desired placement of the new dimple. When this stitch is tied, it causes a dimpling effect in the overlying skin.  

The procedure is similar when creating chin dimples. A chin dimple procedure does not leave any visible incisions or scarring on the outside of the patient’s face. Surgery to create dimples can be done on any cheek or chin. It is Dr. Lee’s goal to give you some of the best dimple creation Los Angeles & Beverly Hills has to give, which is why it is vital to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee to discuss your exact wishes. During your initial consultation with Dr. Lee, you’ll be able to go over your particular goals, for facial enhancement. From there, Dr. Lee will be able to aptly determine the most optimal location for your new dimples that will best serve the rest of your facial features.

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Meet with Dr. Kimberly Lee

A graduate of the esteemed Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Kimberly J. Lee is a highly sought-after facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, as well as an accomplished ear, nose, and throat specialist.

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There is practically no downtime after dimple creation. You will be allowed to return home with your new dimples immediately following your procedure. You may experience some minor swelling in the treated areas. This is normal and will diminish. At first, your new dimples will be visible without smiling, but within a few days to a few weeks time, the dimples will settle in and become more dynamic, meaning they will only appear when you smile, like a natural dimple.

Because there are no visible scars or incisions on the outside, your new dimples will look completely natural. If you’re interested in learning more about dimple surgery in Los Angeles, you can contact us online. Or if you like, you are more than welcome to call our office directly, and one of our staff members will be able to help you set up a consultation.

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"At first I was unsure of getting this particular procedure done, but after a phone consultation she really listened to what I wanted and clearly explained the risks and guided me throughout the whole process based on my anatomy. Dr. Lee is the absolute best and highly skilled at dimple surgery as she performed this many times with before and afters. Her professionalism and friendliness as a doctor and person made me feel comfortable to proceed the entire way and I got the natural results that I was hoping for! I trust her 100% with my face and would recommend anyone especially if you are young to get this done at her office while you can! :)"



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