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Together, these manifestations cause the facial tissue and skin to droop or sag, making you look older than you feel, or would like to appear for that matter. Some individuals are born with a longer upper lip, while for others the aging upper lip becomes thin and starts to sag in a manner that does not show one’s teeth when he or she smiles. A lip lift procedure can be used to help create a more distinct and attractive upper lip by subtly raising the position of the upper lip, giving a broader looking smile. The overall effect of the lip lift is more aesthetically pleasing, more youthful, and more voluminous lips. Considered by her patients to be one of the top providers of lip lifts Los Angeles has to offer, Dr. Kimberly Lee is dedicated to providing her patients with the lips that they deserve.

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What is a lip lift?

A lip lift can be cosmetically beneficial for both younger and older patients as it beautifully restores a more inviting smile without the use of dermal fillers. By shortening the distance between the upper lip and the base of the nose, a lip lift can increase lip volume and provide a tiny bit of tooth show that many find alluring and ultra-feminine.

In general, a lip lift can achieve the following:

  • Shortens the distance between the mouth and the nose
  • Increases the tooth show
  • Creates a sexier, more youthful-looking mouth
  • Redirects the cupid’s bow upwards
  • Increases upper lip volume
  • Improves the appearance of lip lines
  • Improves definition in the philtral columns
  • Decreases the need for dermal fillers

Benefits of a Lip Lift

The lip lift can provide one with a more attractive upper lip, that grants a more attractive smile, in addition to a more balanced face. As a specialist in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Lee has perfected the lip lift technique to ensure that your lips heal beautifully with unnoticeable scarring.

Plenty of men and women feel that they may have a little too much space between the base of the nose and the top of the upper lip, which can make one feel self-confident in the way they look or smile.

Dr. Lee performs lip lifts in the hopes of returning a sense of beauty and confidence to her patients. Whether it’s due to sagging lips from aging, or even the simple desire to bring about a line of symmetry to one’s face and lips. You can trust Dr. Kimberly Lee to help rejuvenate your overall appearance with one of the best Lip Lifts Beverly Hills has to offer.

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Who is a Good Candidate?

Ideal candidates for lip lift surgery lack tooth visibility, have an elongated distance from the nose to the upper lip, and have experienced a loss of fullness in their smile. They seek a cosmetic solution that comes with more permanent results than can be provided with fillers. As with any aesthetic treatment, patients should be mentally and physically healthy and have realistic, positive expectations for their results. A private consultation with Dr. Lee is the best way to determine your candidacy. The doctor will perform a physical evaluation and a thorough review of your medical history to ensure that a lip lift is the best approach for meeting your needs.

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About the Procedure

Our Los Angeles lip lift procedure can be done in the office, with the patient under local anesthesia. For a lip lift, Dr. Lee makes an incision along the curves at the base of the nose. This is followed by carefully removing a small area of skin. In doing so, this shortens the length of the upper lip by lifting the position of the lip upward, while increasing the extent of pink that is visible in the upper lip. The lip is then lifted to its new position and closed with great care and caution to avoid scarring.

"I found Dr. Lee through the internet when I was searching up doctors that were experienced in the lip lift procedure. I was really glad that it was a female surgeon as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through with a male surgeon as I feel female doctors are more light handed when it comes to surgery type procedure and knows the small details in creating a feminine look. I had never gotten anything done or gone for surgery in my life, so I was very nervous, however, Dr. Lee and her staff walked me through the process and made it very easy and painless. The consultation took place over phone because I was in school everyday and could not come to the office, so I’m very thankful for that.

I definitely recommend Dr. Lee and her staff. The nurses and front desks ladies were kind and helpful and worked with my schedule at school and always reply promptly. Dr. Lee herself is a great surgeon with a gentle hand if you are looking to get your lip lift done!"


Is there a Recovery Period After a Lip Lift?

After the lip lift procedure is completed, it is normal to experience slight discomfort due to swelling and tightness in the mouth. However, these symptoms will dissipate anywhere from a few days to a few weeks following the treatment. 

In regards to the recovery process, it is important to keep these tips in mind: 

    • Most patients will be prescribed antiviral medicine and antibiotics to prevent the development of viral and bacterial infections 

    • Swelling and inflammation are natural during the healing process and may lead to a temporary enlargement of other areas such as the nose
    • There may be temporary redness or bruising in the treated area
    • Using ice packs in the upper lip region can help control swelling

    Final results can take as long as six weeks to settle in. 

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    Dr. Lee has the precision and experience to deliver some of the best lip lift Beverly Hills has to offer. That being said, perhaps you’re not entirely ready for surgery, or you merely desire the look of a fuller lip, fillers can also be injected on their own, or in combination with a lip lift. You can discuss your exact needs and desires regarding facial enhancement and rejuvenation during your initial consultation with Dr. Lee.

    If you would like to further discuss the possibility of having a lip lift in Beverly Hills, you can contact us online. Or if you like, you may contact our office directly, and one of our staff members will be able to assist you in scheduling a consultation.

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