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This can lead to a flat appearance, particularly in such areas as the mid-face, jowls, and deep folds in the areas between the cheeks and upper lip and underneath the lower eyelids. These areas, unfortunately, become more pronounced with age and steal attention away from your features. Multilevel fat grafting helps to restore fullness to your face and smooth out deep facial folds. This procedure can be an integral component to returning a sense of youth and beauty to your face.  While there is a myriad of dermal fillers available, which can be used to restore fullness, some patients are looking for a natural alternative, such as multilevel fat grafting. Being a face and neck specialist, you can be sure that Dr. Lee performs among the best fat grafting Beverly Hills has to offer.

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Benefits of Fat Grafting

Facial plastic surgery techniques are constantly evolving to become safer and more efficient. Even up to a few years ago, faces were thought of in 2-dimensional planes, as opposed to 3-dimensional.  That’s why, in the past, poorly executed facelifts left an overstretched or pulled taught quality to one’s face. Dr. Lee always views faces in a 3-dimensional aspect, ensuring your face will appear rejuvenated and natural.

Who is a Good Candidate for Fat Grafting?

Multilevel fat grafting can be used on numerous areas of the face, to help improve contour and symmetry. You could benefit from multilevel fat grafting if you find yourself concerned with any of the following:

  • Thin or gaunt face
  • Long face
  • Mid-face appears flattened, from loss in volume
  • Facial asymmetry
  • A desire for more noticeable facial contouring, for a sculpted or chiseled look
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Multilevel Fat Grafting

Multilevel fat grafting is used to rejuvenate the face by filling folds and wrinkles, restoring volume to the face. Known as autologous fat transplantation, fat transfer, autologous fat grafts, or micro-lipo injections, fat tissue is carefully harvested from another area of your body, such as your abdomen or flanks, which is done by using a gentle liposuction technique. The harvested fat cells are then specially prepared and injected in the desired areas of the face.  

Very often, multilevel fat grafting is performed in combination with other coordinating procedures, such as facelift, neck lift, and blepharoplasty, so that you may achieve a balanced, all-encompassing rejuvenated appearance.

Advantages of Multilevel Fat Grafting 

  • Restores volume with your own natural fat being used in place of an artificial dermal filler.
  • Long-lasting (in some cases, multilevel fat grafting may need to be performed more than once).
  • Prevents that undesired quality of looking overtightened or “too done” and unnatural in the facial appearance.
  • Your face will appear plumper, fuller, and more perky and youthful.

Dr. Lee is trained in the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques to achieve full facial rejuvenation with natural-appearing, balanced results. In this way, Dr. Lee has the necessary skills to administer some of the best fat grafting Los Angeles can offer. With multilevel fat grafting, Dr. Lee is able to turn back the clock and return your face with a youthful glow. If you’re interested in receiving fat grafting in Los Angeles, you can contact us online. Or if you like, you are welcome to call our office directly to set up an appointment.

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What Can I Expect From Recovery?

Within 48 hours after your procedure, some initial recovery will already have taken place. You will be able to move freely and resume some of your normal activities. Most patients can expect to return to work or school within around 2 weeks, but this amount of time will vary from patient to patient depending on the extent of the treatment and the areas addressed. Full recovery will occur within 4-6 weeks. We will follow up with you closely to ensure your healing is progressing smoothly. Dr. Lee is always available to answer any questions during this phase of your cosmetic journey.


From which areas is the fat harvested?

How much fat will survive after a facial fat grafting procedure?

How long will my results last?

Can a fat transfer treatment be reversed?

From which areas is the fat harvested?

During facial fat transfer, fat is taken from a donor area such as the belly, thighs, hips, or lower back. This provides a dual benefit of enhancing sunken facial contours while slimming the donor region. Fat in the stomach and the "love handles" tends to be quite hearty, which offers the greatest longevity in terms of results.

How much fat will survive after a facial fat grafting procedure?

It's hard to give an exact amount, as the quality of fat will differ from client to client, as will other variables such as your age and overall health at the time of treatment. In general, about 70-80% of the fat transferred will survive.

How long will my results last?

The surviving fat that is transferred will last permanently, as most of the fat cells will integrate with the body's cell structure and provide long lasting cosmetic benefits.

Can a fat transfer treatment be reversed?

This will depend on the location where the fat was placed. There are some areas where it may be possible to remove it using a cannula, but the doctor will have to make the final decision as to whether this is possible. This is an excellent question to pose during your initial consultation with Dr. Lee if it's something you are concerned about.


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