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Furthermore, as we begin aging, the corners of the mouth can appear to sag or slouch, as well as the V-shaped area of the upper lip, better known as the cupid’s bow, begins to look a bit deflated and lose much of its youthful fullness. Lip augmentation can be an excellent way to achieve the fullness you’re seeking. There are several methods available within a lip augmentation procedure. Some are less invasive than others. Lips can be rejuvenated and thin full lips can be enhanced.


Filler are a relatively quick and simple way to reach fuller looking lips. Dr. Lee prefers to use dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, or Perlane. Fat grafting can also be used to enhance and plump your lips in a way that appears very natural, and simultaneously will complement the rest of your face. These options can also be harnessed in augmenting the natural silhouette of your upper lip and specifically targeting the cupid’s bow. Any vertical lines or wrinkles along the outer borders of the lips can also be addressed and minimized at the time of your lip augmentation treatment. A fat transfer can give your lips the appearance of fullness, by employing one’s own fat, which has been carefully taken from another area of your own body, possibly the flanks or belly. The donor site is usually a location in which excess fat is considered unwelcome, however, this can be decided during your consultation with Dr. Lee. Fat transfer is a safe, natural procedure designed to restore aging areas of volume loss.

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Your lips may be slightly swollen for several hours, following your lip augmentation procedure. That being said, this is completely normal and should not hinder you from returning to your normal activities that same day. Dr. Lee errs on the side of being conservative in her application of fillers, which grants her the talent required when performing some of the best lip augmentations Los Angeles & Beverly Hills has available. Dr. Lee is able to avoid a forged-looking duck-lip appearance. Dermal fillers can also be used to correct irregular or unbalanced looking lips. It is not uncommon to have one side of the lips appear fuller than the other side.  Dr. Lee is able to skillfully correct the asymmetry by replenishing the flatter side with conservative use of dermal fillers, to bring a sense of natural symmetry to your lips.

The natural silhouette of your upper lip and cupid’s bow can be subtly accentuated to compliment the rest of your face. In addition, vertical wrinkles along the outside of the lips can be minimized during your lip asymmetry correction. As part of delivering what is considered among the best lip augmentation Beverly Hills has to show for, Dr. Lee keeps you updated throughout the procedure by showing you the progression of lip augmentation to ensure you obtain a fuller, natural-appearing result. If you’re interested in receiving lip augmentation in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, you can contact us online. Or if you prefer, you are welcome to call our office, and one of our staff members will be able to assist you in setting up a consultation with Dr. Lee.

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