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Dr. Lee’s genuine care for her patients, combined with her attention to detail, grants her the ability to deliver some of the best results from rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills. Dr. Lee will make sure that your nose not only looks great, but also retains its function.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

There are many reasons patients seek to enhance the appearance of their nose with rhinoplasty. Many patients seeking nose surgery are looking to change the size of the nose, while others want to fix the tip of the nose.

Regardless of the specific changes, the main goal is to achieve a result that looks natural and balances out the rest of your facial features. Dr. Lee will work with you to ensure you receive some of the best results after rhinoplasty surgery. Listed below are a few ways in which rhinoplasty may benefit your features:

  • Refine a bulbous nasal tip
  • Change the size of the nose
  • Smooth out bumps along the bridge of the nose
  • Narrow the width of the nostrils
  • Refine the angle of the nose
  • Create a sense of balance and symmetry in your face
  • Grant one with a rediscovered feeling of confidence in the way they appear
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Dr. Lee’s Approach

Having spent additional training in rhinoplasty, Dr. Lee is up-to-date with the most advanced techniques and is on the cutting-edge of new technology. Dr. Lee is currently one of a select few who are utilizing a new device. This new device will change how patients recover from surgery. It removes the need for nasal packing during recovery, which inhibits nasal breathing after surgery. As a co-developer of this new device, Dr. Lee has made it possible for patients to breathe easily through their newly shaped nose immediately following their procedure. You can be confident that your result will be refined, balanced, and proportioned with the rest of your face.

Rhinoplasty Before & After

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Nose Job Recovery

After your Beverly Hills Nose Surgery, you may experience some bruising and swelling. This is normal and will diminish over time. If the upper part of the nose is narrowed, you may see some mild bruising under the eye area, which tends to diminish after a week or so.

We recommend taking surgical strength Arnika and Bromelain following your surgery to facilitate the healing process. Most of the swelling will calm down within the first few weeks following your rhinoplasty.

That being said, there will still be swelling that will continue to diminish for up to a year before achieving its final size and overall look. Any sutures positioned inside the nose will dissolve, and any nasal cast or external sutures that might be used shall be removed approximately one week after your rhinoplasty surgery. Patients can usually return home after the sutures and cast have been properly removed. Dr. Lee will want to check with you throughout the healing process with several follow-up appointments.

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Meet With Dr. Kimberly Lee

A graduate of the esteemed Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Kimberly J. Lee is a highly sought-after facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, as well as an accomplished ear, nose, and throat specialist.

About Dr. Lee

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If you are looking for a professional and reliable doctor for nose job and rhinoplasty, Dr. Kimberly J. Lee is your best choice in Beverly Hills CA. Her whole team is not only highly knowledgeable and expert, but they truly care about you and your comfort. I would highly recommend her for any type of surgery one is looking for ...


Our Facility

Dr. Lee understands that each patient is different.  Our office in Beverly Hills strives to provide a relaxed and inviting atmosphere so that we can understand your personal goals for your nasal surgery.  During your personalized consultation and evaluation, Dr. Lee will examine the inside and outside of your nose to assess the underlying anatomy of your nose and how it affects the external appearance of your nose. Following this, our computer imaging system provides a unique experience in which patients can visually get an idea of what he/she will look like following rhinoplasty surgery. 

If you choose to proceed with nasal reshaping surgery with Dr. Lee, a second appointment will be made a couple of weeks before surgery to review the changes discussed at the initial consultation.  At any time during the process, we welcome any questions or concerns you may have regarding the procedure or the recovery so that you feel comfortable.

Rhinoplasty may also be performed in conjunction with a septoplasty, or address large turbinates to improve one’s nasal airway and breathing, as well as improve any anatomical issues that can affect one’s ability to breathe through the nose. If you wish to learn more, contact us today and schedule a consultation for rhinoplasty in Los Angeles with Dr. Lee.


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