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Mastering Asian Rhinoplasty Procedures 

Rhinoplasty is considered to be one of the most challenging plastic surgery procedures for doctors. This prominent three-dimensional facial feature also provides a crucial function that must be protected during surgery. Dr. Kimberly Lee successfully brings the nose into balance with the other facial features, often improving function as well as appearance. Additionally, Dr. Lee is also a leader in the field of several different types of Asian plastic surgery procedures.

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Why Asian Rhinoplasty?

There are many reasons for considering rhinoplasty, ranging from purely aesthetic to correcting conditions such as deviated septums or other airway-related problems. Patients have been pleasantly surprised to discover that their surgery also resolved an unnoticed breathing issue. Dr. Lee often observes that patients can effectively adapt to nasal passage restrictions, especially if these problems have existed since childhood.

Asian rhinoplasty presents additional challenges, usually related to creating more projection while refining the tip of the nose. Asian structure is more delicate, demanding a gentle and less aggressive approach to nasal sculpting. At Dr. Lee’s Beverly Hills clinic, she often consults Asian patients who are considering Asian rhinoplasty in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills to correct certain unwanted characteristics but who do not want a ‘cookie cutter’ nose that detracts from their ethnicity.

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Common Asian Rhinoplasty Procedures

Common requests from our patients include:

  • Thinner nasal bridge
  • Augmenting nasal dorsum
  • Increasing the projection of the nose
  • Defining the tip of the nose to something more flattering
  • Changing the shape of the nostrils

Asian rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging ethnic rhinoplasty procedures that facial plastic surgeons face, only secondary to the lack of nasal dorsum and weak cartilaginous framework in combination with thick skin and soft-tissue envelope.

Who is a Candidate For Asian Rhinoplasty?

Ideal candidates for an Asian rhinoplasty in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills want a subtle enhancement to the shape of their nose without compromising cultural identity. Asian rhinoplasty is a perfect procedure for someone who is looking to alter the width of their nose or nostrils or to enhance the nasal tip or nasal bridge. A minimalist approach is critical if you are considering an Asian rhinoplasty and should bring balance and harmony without creating any distracting or drastic changes. Candidates should also:

  • Be in good physical and emotional health
  • Have realistic goals and expectations
  • Be a non-smoker or willing to quit for six weeks before and after surgery
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Defined Nasal Tip

One of the more popular requests in the field of Asian rhinoplasty is the desire to achieve a less bulbous or protruding nasal tip. In the past, to achieve a redefined nasal tip, surgery would call for aggressive over-resection of the lower lateral cartilages. This usually causes loss of projection, a downturned, bulbous nasal tip with possible long-term contour irregularities, loss of support, and nasal obstruction.

Dr. Lee does not perform aggressive cartilage removal as it may cause damage which leads to necessary revision rhinoplasty surgery later on. Dr. Lee believes that less is more, and that these structural techniques lead to lower chances for revision rhinoplasty surgery, while still achieving your desired look. It is her extensive knowledge of this area that makes her one of the best surgeons performing Asian rhinoplasty in Los Angeles.

Alar Base Reduction

Through our Los Angeles Asian nose job procedure, we bring about a sense of balance by reducing the span of the alar base. This can be performed in combination with other treatments to the nose or on its own.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

Most of Dr. Lee’s patients, whether Asian, Persian, or Caucasian, find recovery to be much easier than anticipated. This is due in part to her surgical technique which is focused on making the changes necessary with as little tissue manipulation as possible.

Every step of surgery and recovery is reviewed and discussed during visits to her Beverly Hills clinic. In this way, patients have no surprises following surgery as they are fully informed and prepared for all aspects of recovery.

Following instructions both before and after surgery is crucial to achieving the best result possible. Recovering from rhinoplasty is easier if preparations are made prior to surgery covering routine tasks such as grocery shopping, filling prescriptions, child care, paying bills, etc. During the first few weeks, it is recommended that patients sleep slightly elevated, that they do no lifting or exercise other than walking, and that they do not bend down. These precautions keep blood pressure stable which helps the healing process.

Recovery Timeline

The first few days are the most challenging since there will be swelling and congestion similar to having a head cold. There will be a cast applied which will stabilize the tissues for the first week and the nasal passages may be packed with absorbing material. Dr. Lee will remove the cast and any sutures in 5 to 7 days and will ensure healing is progressing as expected. During the first few weeks, patients may experience some bruising under the eyes and the face may appear swollen around the surgical site.

Most of these issues resolve within 10 days to 2 weeks so that patients can return to work or school with confidence.

The full result of Asian rhinoplasty appears gradually. It is not uncommon for swelling to appear and disappear as the tissues heal. While the initial results will be visible just a few weeks after surgery, the final result may take up to a year.

Procedure FAQ

Are there any risks?

How long does surgery take?

How is Asian rhinoplasty different from other ethnic rhinoplasty surgeries?

Will it look natural?

Will there be scars?

Are there any risks?

Risks associated with this procedure include the risks that are associated with any surgical procedure. Risks such as bleeding, bruising, swelling, and possible infection are the most common. By carefully following the post-op instructions, you can minimize the risk and side effects. The most critical matters are ensuring the surgery is performed correctly, and that you achieve a result that meets your expectations.

How long does surgery take?

Asian rhinoplasty can take between one to three hours or longer, depending on the complexity of the surgery.

How is Asian rhinoplasty different from other ethnic rhinoplasty surgeries?

Asian rhinoplasty differs from other ethnic rhinoplasty surgeries as it represents a culturally unique nasal shape and structure. Noses are one of the most widely varied aspects of the human face, revealing your ethnic background. A deep appreciation of Asian beauty, differences in skin, and how to best enhance structure is vital when performing Asian rhinoplasty.

Will it look natural?

The aim is always to look as natural and untouched as possible. To achieve a look that appears entirely natural, select the right surgeon to perform your Asian rhinoplasty Dr. Lee aims to provide an Asian specific procedure that creates greater balance, beauty, and harmony among your features while enhancing all of your attractive features.

Will there be scars?

Scarring will be minimal as the incisions are placed in discreet locations. Depending on the surgical approach used, scars are hidden within the nostrils. If an open rhinoplasty approach is appropriate, the scar will be almost invisible, as it is placed at the base of the column between the nostrils.

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Why Choose Dr. Kimberly Lee?

Dr. Kimberly Lee, a double board-certified plastic surgeon, specializes in Asian rhinoplasty. Her deep understanding of facial anatomy and precision technique ensures natural-looking results. Dr. Lee collaborates with patients to enhance their beauty and comfort while complementing their facial structure. Many opt for a chin augmentation alongside Asian rhinoplasty, and Asian eyelid surgery is often performed shortly after. Choose Dr. Lee for exceptional care and tailored results.

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Schedule a Consultation

During the consultation process, it is important to clearly convey your desires and goals. Dr. Lee will then give you a realistic idea of what can be achieved with your bone structure, while still maintaining or improving your nasal breathing capabilities. During the physical examination portion of your consultation, Dr. Lee will be able to determine if there is a component of nasal airway obstruction from the underlying anatomic structures that you may or may not be aware of.

We ensure that you will have a complete understanding of the procedure and its possible results, throughout each step of the process. Excellent physician-patient communication is critical during the entire process and Dr. Lee and her staff will be here for you every step of the way. If you wish to learn more, don't hesitate to contact us today and schedule a consultation for one of the best procedures of Asian rhinoplasty Beverly Hills has to offer.


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