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Rhinoplasty is a popular procedure performed to enhance the appearance of the nose. As each ethnic group has distinctive facial features, only a specialist in ethnic rhinoplasty can address these unique requirements. Asians have particular aesthetic requirements related to the shape of the nose which needs to be addressed by a surgeon well versed in Asian features.

With her Asian background and extensive expertise in ethnic rhinoplasty, Dr. Kimberly J. Lee is one of the leading performers of Asian rhinoplasty Beverly Hills, Los Angeles has on offer. 

Dr. Lee has exclusively focused on facial plastic surgery and possesses the specialized skills and expertise in this niche area.

She combines her artistry, technical expertise and her knowledge of Asian features to bring in the perfect nose that fits in well with Asian features. She is well-versed in the anatomic differences between Caucasians and Asians which enables her to enhance the shape while preserving the ethnic features.

Unique Asian nasal features

Asians have smaller bones in terms of both width and height with under-projection of the nasal tip. The smaller height of the bridge creates a wider base of the nose while also giving it a flatter appearance. The nasal tip is rounded because of weak cartilages and shorter columella. The nasolabial angle is also acuter as compared to the Caucasians with a more well-defined triangular shape than that of a Caucasian nose.

Asian rhinoplasty performed right with Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee uses specialized techniques with a conservative approach that is aimed at preserving the ethnic features and not at transforming the nasal shape to Caucasian one.

Asian rhinoplasty is successfully performed by Dr. Lee by using these techniques:

  • With respect to grafts, the patient’s own or autogenous cartilage can be used to augment the bridge of the nose. Dr. Lee is an expert in achieving a smooth contour of the bridge by using single and continuous graft. Depending on various factors, Dr. Lee can also use cartilage from other sources including rib tissue or soft tissue from under the scalp.
  • To address the flatter or rounder nose tip, Dr. Lee uses cartilage grafts to create more definition to refine the tip of the nose and increase the projection as needed. With the nose tip sharpening, there is an elevation of the angle giving it a more projected look in alignment with the unique Asian features.
  • Along with this, the wide base of the nose is reduced and the bridge of the nose is built to give an all-around enhancement.
  • Other irregularities including septum deviation, humps or crooked bridges are also corrected to give an overall smooth appearance.
  • Smaller nose with sharper angles accentuates feminine features in tune with the Asian look.
  • Lee works to achieve an overall facial symmetry by correcting the nasal angle and projection with pleasing results.

Asian rhinoplasty has its own unique challenges that only a skilled surgeon with Asian background can tackle effectively. Dr. Lee, as one of the leading providers of Asian rhinoplasty Los Angeles & Beverly Hills have on offer, is renowned for her expertise in this area. Click here if you would like to with the doctor.

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