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Adorable Mario Lopez and ultra-cool Jennifer Garner garner top spots for their dimples! Recently, I’ve seen an increase in requests to have dimple creation.  Celebrities blessed with dimples may be the driving factor behind this new wave of interest for dimple creation through facial plastic surgery.  Dimples can improve the overall aesthetic of your smile, while some cultures view them as signs of good fortune or luck.   Dimples also add undeniably cute character to a face.  Unfortunately, not everyone is naturally blessed with dimples when they smile.

If you have always wanted dimples, dimple creation is for you!  Dimple creation is relatively easy and painless, as it is typically performed in the office under local anesthesia so that you are awake during the procedure. Dimple creation is performed on the inside of the cheek, so that there is no external incisions or scarring.  No one needs to know you weren’t born with them!   You can also help determine the location of your new dimples!  Dimple surgery is an exciting procedure to create natural-appearing dimples and is one of the latest in must-have cosmetic surgery enhancement procedures.

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